Odor Control and Desiccant Filters


Noxious odors from chemical tanks or wastewater pumping/lift stations.


Endustra Purevent® Breathers not only prevent the escape of noxious fumes to the atmosphere, they also prevent harmful fumes, moisture, and contaminants from entering tanks and affecting process chemicals.

Purevent® Breathers are perfect for most chemical or wastewater applications. Easy installation and low cost make this system very attractive. No electricity, water, or fuel is required. This self-contained unit operates without maintenance until the adsorbant media are completely exhausted.
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PVP For tanks up to 2,000 gallons

Endustra Purevent® Breathers remove noxious odors or moisture from over 200 chemicals from Acetaldehyde to Xylene. PVC construction provides a lightweight and durable filter system.
Endustra engineers will work with you to eliminate odors, hazardous environments, or excess moisture. Usable inside or outdoors, Purevent® Breathers are easily installed and virtually maintenance free.

PV-MOD For tanks up to 20,000 gallons

This unit is for the bigger jobs. Made entirely of PVC, each unit is self-contained with thermal plastic welds that make them strong enough to be refillable yet economical enough to be disposable. Sized with the worker in mind, each module weighs only 50 lbs. and has convenient carrying handles built in.
The units can be stacked or manifolded to allow a large system to be easily maintained by a single individual. Viewing windows allow color indicated media to be checked at a glance. Direct and remote mounting bases are available. The bases and specially designed weather caps are made of PVC to be both light weight and durable.

Endustra Filter Manufacturers

Endustra Filter Manufacturers

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