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HQ: Schererville, Ind.
Products: Intake filters, filter silencers, replacement filter elements, and dust collector cartridges
Robert Geyer, president: “Everyone who works here believes in what we’re doing.”

Endless Reach

Endustra says its products are used in many industries, ranging from energy to wastewater. By Alan Dorich

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At Endustra Filter Manufacturers Inc., team members are driven to keep the company successful, President Robert Geyer says. “Everyone who works here believes in what we’re doing,” he says. “We’ve been blessed with great people who all push in the same direction and keep that wheel moving forward.”

Based in Schererville, Ind., Endustra manufactures intake filters and filter silencers, as well as replacement intake filter elements and dust collector cartridges. Geyer notes that its products are used in virtually any application requiring air supplied by blowers, centrifugal air compressors and industrial fans. “These markets include energy, steel and petrochemical production; municipal and industrial wastewater treatment; potable water treatment; electronics [manufacturing], bottling, baking – the list is virtually endless,” he says.

Geyer’s father, Robert E. Geyer II, founded the company in 1968. “We started as an industrial supplier to the local steel industry, and then began manufacturing as Endustra in 1971,” the younger Geyer says. “We developed a distribution and manufacturer’s representative network in the late 70s and 80s.”

Today, all of the company’s operations take place in its 50,000-square- foot facility in Schererville, Geyer says. “All of our engineering, R&D, sales, manufacturing and warehousing takes place right here,” he says. “More than 99 percent of our raw materials are manufactured in the United States."

Endustra’s flagship products are its patented Tri-Vent® Series of intake filters and filter silencers. Pictured here is the Tri-Vent series P09 Intake Ffilter Silencer.

Additionally, Endustra employs a staff that has virtually no turnover. “Most of our associates have been here more than 10 years,” Geyer says, noting that the company has rewarded that employee loyalty with profit-sharing programs.

However, “The real credit, I think, to the quality of our staff is that our customer-first culture inspires pride and loyalty,” he says. “Good people appreciate the opportunity to do good work, and everyone benefits, particularly our customers.”

One such customer, Steve Pucciani, engineering manager for Cincinnati-based ITW Paxton Products, agrees. “[From Endustra], we got a solution that our end customer needed vs. an existing product forced onto us,” Pucciani says.

“Now, from the look of the filter to the labeling on the box, our customers recognize our filters as a Paxton product with Enduralast® technology. Endustra designed and built the product that I needed.”

Waving the Flag

Endustra’s flagship line of products is its Tri-Vent® Series of intake filters and filter silencers, which “offer performance and value that leapfrog other existing intake filter technologies,” Geyer says. He adds that the products reduce inlet filter energy consumption by up to 50 percent over competitive products, without compromising their efficiency.

He adds that he is extremely proud of the Tri-Vent Series TK Manifold Intake Silencers, the latest addition to the line. “Essentially, we have applied our patented Tri-Vent technology to high-capacity applications, previously beyond the reach of cartridge filters,” he says.

For instance, what would take eight to 12 heavy panel filters in an older design requires only two lightweight cartridges with the Series TK products, Geyer says.

In addition, “The filters are smaller, lighter in weight and include all of the proven performance benefits of our single cartridge design,” Geyer continues, “reducing energy consumption by enough to pay for the filter in a year.”

The Tri-Vent® Products reduce energy consumption, without compromising efficiency. Below is the Tri-Vent Series TKT Manifold Intake Filter Silencer.

Initial restriction across the Endustra filter silencer was 0.8 in. W.G., compared to 4.5 in. W.G., and initial amp draws were noted as being 4.5 amps lower. “We had learned that increased surface area would mean the filters would last longer, but it turns out that the design of the filter housing has a lot to do with blower performance as well,” Renk said.

As the months went by, two maintenance technicians continued to change and clean filter elements on 31 of the 32 blowers. The Endustra P09 filter required no cleaning and no changes. Ten months into the test, the gauge read 3.2 in. W.G at 2,200 cu ft per minute—still lower than the initial restriction on the original filters. It was estimated that the filter element might last an additional six to eight months before a cleaning or change would be necessary.

Keeping Committed

Looking ahead, “We’re going to stick to our guns,” Geyer says, explaining that Endustra is committed to manufacturing. “We have products now that other companies don’t have. We’re able to do things that other companies are unable to do in the filter industry.”

Although Endustra has not en­countered competition from overseas, “I suspect we will someday, and I suspect that we will be able to compete,” he says, noting Endustra continuously reinvests in its operations.

“Since 2003, we have completely retooled the plant and already we are upgrading some of that relatively new equipment,” he says, adding that the company recently purchased CNC machines. “We see Endustra as ‘the future of filtration,’ and that means filtration is our future, too. We are already at work on a successor to the Tri-Vent Series because we know that while we may have industry-leading performance today, we cannot afford to coast.”

In addition, “I think there’s still a future for manufacturing in the United States,” Geyer continues. “We’ll have to keep making things that the rest of the world hasn’t figured out yet.”

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