Custom Engineering and Design

Endustra manufactures Tri-Vent® Filters and Filter Silencers in Schererville, Indiana, and on every product we print “Made in USA”. Our American workforce proudly builds a quality product, and Endustra takes pride in benefiting our community and our country.

Our hometown team also benefits our customers: Endustra can easily modify Tri-Vent® designs to suit virtually any application-specific variable. Our in-house engineering team will apply flexible Tri-Vent® technology to meet your needs.

Whether your intake filter requirements include simple modifications or one-of-a-kind designs, same-day submittal drawings, short lead times, and competitive pricing transforms costly customizations into economical solutions.

Standard options include stainless steel and aluminum, special connections, custom colors, corrosion-resistant coatings for marine or harsh chemical environments, food grade compatibility, and high temperature construction. Put our more than fifty years of design experience to work for you.

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