Endustra FiltersPowder Coat

Endustra’s standard polyester powder coat outlasts acrylics, enamels, epoxies, and polyurethanes, and at no extra cost. 1000-hour salt spray rating. Extended UV resistance. 24-hour shipping on most Tri-Vent® models.

Powder Plus

For economical corrosion protection in coastal regions, refineries, pulp and paper, steel, and waste water applications. Powder Plus provides a 4000 hour salt-spray rating plus extended UV resistance. Standard lead times.

Tri-Coat H2S

At a fraction of the cost of stainless steel construction and half the price of phenolics, Tri-Coat H2® represents a dramatic moneysaving alternative for hydrogen sulfide-rich environments. Our proprietary triple mil-thickness, UV-resistant coating yields long-term indoor/outdoor protection in waste water plants, digester gas applications, and extreme industrial environments. Standard lead times and stable pricing.

316 Coat

Endustra now offers both polyester and epoxy-bonded 316 stainless steel powder coatings for food-grade, specialty applications, or export. 316 coatings are FDA approved for indirect and incidental contact. Short lead times.

Endustra Filter Manufacturers

Endustra Filter Manufacturers

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