featuring Endustralast Synthetic Media

All-Weather Capacity

Proprietary Enduralast® Synthetic Media resist moisture and humidity for consistent performance in all climates.

Enduralast®’s low pressure drops and high dust-holding capacities combined with the superior flow characteristics of a conical element outperform standard paper and polyester.

Hydrophobic, oil-resistant, 99.97% efficient @ 1-micron (nom) Ultra Synthetic replaces old-fashioned paper. For extended life in severe environments, 98% efficient @ 10-micron (nom) Hi-Flow Synthetic can double the capacity of standard polyester.

Tri-Vent® elements are also available in wire mesh, HEPA/ULPA, and over seventy-five different medium types.

Endustra Filter Manufacturers

Endustra Filter Manufacturers

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